Roar Interior Design


I started Roar Interior Design in July 2017 following completion of a diploma in Interior Design from the Interior Design Institute. Combined with over 25 years of project management experience, I can help you to create beautiful and personalised spaces, on time and to your budget.

I am inspired by beautifully crafted materials, patterns and textures, art and personal décor collections. I love working with sentimental pieces!

So what are you waiting for – let’s express your style ROAR!


I can design and style improvements that look and feel great. You bring the ideas and I will bring the process to make sure your vision comes together!

I design kitchens, bathrooms, open plan areas, laundries, and outdoor spaces.  I think outside the square and reimagine how to work even the most challenging spaces.

In styling, I can create the look that will showcase what you love and when selling, how to style your home to appeal to the market.

I am based in Port Pirie and support clients across SA.

This will include an initial site visit, proposal, report of recommendations and final visit to support the arrangements. The price will vary based on the number of rooms and the complexity of changes needed. The initial site visit will be used to collect information about the room such as the shape of the room, how it connects to other rooms, lighting, flow (how you use and move through the rooms) and to gain an understanding of your style and objects that you would like featured. The recommendations will include: a mood board that visualises the styling and layout plan for the furniture along with a report with other recommendations.

This will include an initial site visit, up to three design concepts, styling and finishes schemes, a report of recommendations and a follow up visit (number to be negotiated). The price will vary based on the complexity of the design. The initial site visit will be used to collect information about the room such as the existing plans, size and shape of the room, existing services, how the space connects to other rooms, lighting, flow and function of the room, and desired style and finishes (including what to reuse). The report will include: a moodboard that visualises the styling, layout plan, 3D concept images and a schedule of finishes (paint colours, lighting choices, cabinetry etc).


I have worked with Moira on our house renovation project over a 12 month period. Moira quickly understood our vision and worked with us throughout every stage to bring our vision to life.

She saw opportunities I had not imagined, provided advice on function and design and infused our project with her passion for creating beautiful spaces.

Thanks to Moira’s advice we were able to maximise storage in our kitchen and laundry, create a more streamlined and functional floor plan, better connect the outside with the inside and create areas of interest throughout our home.

We receive compliments on our renovation frequently, but more importantly we absolutely love our new spaces and they meet our needs perfectly.


I know what I like, why would I pay an interior designer?

An interior designer works through a process that considers different principles. They will seek your inputs through the entire process so that each decision informs all these principles – this helps you to feel confident that it will all come together i.e.: the furniture will look the right scale, the pictures are hung in the right places, the paint choices work with the other finishes, all rooms are in harmony, lighting and temperature is right, it is delightfully interesting and reflects your style (not the designer’s).

We can’t afford an interior designer.

Interior design advice is the cheap part and can help you to avoid making costly mistakes. I make sure that you stay focused on the design concept so that it all comes together by the end. I will also be there to support the variations that inevitably pop up along the way.

But I don’t want to buy new stuff, how can an Interior Designer help?

My favourite kind of challenge! I can interpret your style and make that central to the scheme we are pulling together. My belief is that you don’t need to spend if you don’t have to – relove where you can.


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